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Many clients have told me that these videos have made me their friend of the Year.

Explaining how a mortgage works is exciting, but I also understand that it can be quite boring; so our videos were created to entertain as well as inform those seeking the truth about home buying.

This means no more pretending to understand the process while thinking of items to add or remove from your Amazon cart.

So far, we've received positive feedback on our videos, and we will be adding even more; thus making me your new favorite best friend.

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The Star Players in a Real-Estate Transaction

Click the button below to see the Star players in a real-estate transaction, watch the attached video to how they work together to get you into a home.

Home Ownership Is A Few Steps Away

Click the easy steps button below to see the simple steps to home buying video, it will describe the 6 simple steps needed to transition seamlessly through each stage, and how each step help transition you seamlessly through the home buying process.

Intro to Loan Products

There are 4 main Loan Products that a large percentage of home buyers will find themselves using when purchasing a home. Click the button below to find out more on FHA, VA, USDA, and Conventional home loans.

housing loan blocks on brown wooden surface
housing loan blocks on brown wooden surface
Fear of Home Buying
a woman standing on a sidewalk in the rain
a woman standing on a sidewalk in the rain

Things you will hear from Friends, family, and Co-workers. "you need and FHA". No! "You need a USDA". No! " Tell them you don't want PMI". All the things that will Confuse a first, or even a second-time home buyer.

Before seeking the advice of a friend ask yourself this, what is it that they do for a living? Also keep in mind the industry is constantly changing and because a friend purchased a home 10 years ago doesn't make them an expert.

What Does That Mean?

There are many terms in a Real-Estate Transaction, too many to list them all so we have decided to illustrate some key words and terms so you aren't confused.

silver skeleton key on book page
silver skeleton key on book page